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  • How are we run?
    We have a team both in the UK and in Yemen. Our UK team covers the fundraising/monetary and digital aspects of the charity whereas our Yemen team implements the projects such as buying the resources needed, providing physical labour needed and travelling to distribute your generous donations.
  • How can I donate?
    You can donate via the donate page here. Do not hesitate to donate even if it is £1 a month, any contributions means the world to us and those in Yemen who are relying on us to make a difference.
  • How can I get involved?
    Simply enter your details into our contact page here and include where you are from, what expertise you have that will be of use to the organisation and we will get in touch so we can get you started with our team!
  • Where will my money go?
    We are a non-profit organisation so 100% of your money goes to the projects we carry out and the people who work hard to implement them. We pay for sustainable project equipment, healthcare for those in need, food distribution, clothes/blankets distribution and so much more which you can find on our Projects page.
  • Who are we?
    4Them are a UK-based charity that focus on providing sustainable sources of aid to the suffering people in Yemen. We focus on building sustainable wells, bakeries and sponsoring orphans as well as providing urgent care in dire cases. Find out more about us here.
  • Where are we based?
    We are based in Birmingham, UK. However, we have many volunteers all across Yemen and are always on the hunt for more within both countries. If you are interested, send us a message via our contact page!
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